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Abs Exercises don’t burn fat

I have been seen to many people in all my years as a personal trainer trying to burn their belly fat by doing abdominal exercises every day than sunny days in Florida. But the fact is: Abdominal exercises themselves will not burn fat, you have to keep an eye in what you eat, but you want to strengthen your abs so they're there to show off when the fat does vanish.

Work out your abs 2 or 3 days a week
Abs develop when they're at rest, not when you're working them. So working them every day doesn't give them a chance to grow and get strong. You will develop abs by working them two or three times a week. I'd recommend adding the abs circuit to the beginning of your strength-training workout. Saving them until the end of the workout means there's more possibility that you'll skimp and take shortcuts.

Pick different exercises every workout
There are hundreds of ways to work your abs, but you need to pick only three to five exercises each workout. The key is variety: Changing your routine doesn't allow your abs to get comfortable, so they'll continue to grow after each workout.

Do a circuit
Do one set of each exercise that you have chosen in a row without rest (A set is 15 to 20 repetitions, depending on the exercise) then rest one minute.
In the first week of workouts, do just one set of each of your three to five exercises. In the second and third weeks, do two sets if you'd like. After that, you can increase to three circuits.

Go slow
Each rep of an abs exercise should last 4 to 6 seconds. Any faster, and you run the risk of letting momentum do the work. The slower you go, the higher the intensity. The higher the intensity, the stronger the stomach.

Lets do it, keep the hard work and good luck!