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Fat loss is really a simple equation: what goes in, must be less than what come out, meaning you must burn more energy (calories) than you eat and drink. Move more, eat less.However, it’s not just the quantity of calories you eat, but also the quality that makes a huge difference. Sure, you can lose weight by eating fat free yogurt, as long as you don’t eat too much; however, you can also say to your muscles goodbye if that is your choice.

Instead, it’s crucial to look at the overall quality of everything you eat (food and beverages). With that said, let’s take a look at some specific guidelines and recommendations that, when couple with a sound exercise regimen, can cause you to lose fat, while preserving as much muscle as possible in the process.


Some folks like to count calories, others like to write everything down they eat, while some just prefer to eyeball it and hope for the best. Well, out of those 3 examples, writing everything down and tracking your progress would be the best suggestion; if you want to stay on track and continue to reach your health goals, you need to know what you are putting in your mouth. And this means tracking your intake. I don’t mean you have to record every last detail about all nutrients you put in your body, unless you want to; however, monitoring your intake by keeping track of the servings of foods and beverages you’re consuming will absolutely keep you on track to FAT LOSS SUCCESS.Keep in mind, also, that it’s not just solid foods that count towards your total intake; any beverages should also be include, as they can provide a significant amount of calories.