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Most people use the terms weight loss and fat loss interchangeably. But do you know that the terms can be entirely different? In this article I will give you an insight for a better understanding of the human body and its weight loss needs.

What is the difference between weight loss and fat loss?
Your body is made of tissues, organs, and fat. Muscle is the most active tissue that keeps you energetic and therefore uses up more calories than fat. Fat is just your storehouse of energy. It's obvious that you should preserve muscle if you wish to stay healthy. So when you think of weight loss make sure its fat loss not muscle loss.
Why is it important that muscle should not be lost?
Muscle performs all body functions and you don't want to lose muscle. Muscle also increases your metabolic rate. This is because every pound of muscle in your body consumes between 30 to 50 calories daily. Excess fat just sits around your body. You experience this by feeling tired, out of breath and of course health related complications later on. So keep your lean body mass intact, in fact try gaining some more. This is efficient weight loss.
How does weight loss affect muscle loss and sustainability?
When people go on crash diets they are thrilled with huge early weight loss they see on the scales, most often this is muscle loss accompanied with water loss. The disappointment is that water loss returns and weight goes up. Weight loss comprising of 50 per cent muscle loss can happen with crash diets. However the greater negative effect is that due to muscle loss your metabolic rate drops further and so even your low calorie diet has lesser effect because your body is now burning less. As a result, you may end up storing more calories. So when you get into a weight loss program enquire about the “performance” of weight loss, not the promise.
How to ensure that one loses fat and not muscle?
First, most people talk about fad diets with popular and fancy names, almost all of this are disguised low calorie diets. Such diets precipitate weight loss, and like I said before, often is muscle loss. You should have balanced meals to reduce calories around foods you are used to eating. Enforcing weight loss through severe diet restrictions puts a lot of personal stress and in any case is not sustainable.
Secondly physical activity should ensure muscle preservation and only fat loss. To preserve muscle you need strength training along with a cardio workout to meet your goals. Furthermore, in these days you have to incorporate a third component to this equation and this is “time”, so we need to do it in quick time since most of us are hard pressed to find some. That is why Boot Camps are so effective to lose fat and gain some muscle at the same time.
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