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Anyone who has lifted weights on and off for several years, is familiar with the concept of "muscle memory". When a person begins lifting weights after a prolonged lay off, he/she is able to return to his/her previous level of fitness more easily than it was to get there the first time around.


As you can see, the muscle memory is beneficial. But if you were doing the same weight training routine or using the same cardio machine every day at the gym at the same intensity, then you may have been disappointed that the results are not as fabulous as they were at the beginning and you may be just maintaining. The reason again is the muscle memory, and you have to “confuse your body” to get past the plateau. You need to surprise your body with a different workout and change it all over regularly to overcome this plateau.
A very common mistake made by several fitness enthusiasts is staying with their original routines for too long. You have to diversify your workout routine in order to get constant progress. This doesn't mean that you need a brand new workout every day of the week. In fact, your body will take some time to adjust to each new workout, so it should be done for the appropriate amount of time before results start to slack off (it can be 4-6 weeks). Alternating your cardio or the strength training throughout the week allows you to target specific areas of the body in different ways. Vary the type of activity and also the intensity of your workouts.
Be sure you are getting enough sleep. Getting the right amount of sleep for your body will allow time for your muscles to recover from exercise. Stress itself can be a contributor to weight gain. A stressful life or too much exercise can elevate your cortisol levels and affect your weight. Cortisol is a “catabolic” (destructive metabolism) hormone; having an elevated level of cortisol may prevent your muscles from recovering at an optimal rate.
Muscle confusion plays a big part of the programs that I provide for my clients and it's one of the little secrets I use to deliver fast results.
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